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The Pale One by shadowgirl The Pale One by shadowgirl
God of Death

digital painting.
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brad269 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2009
The hair is what is terrifyingly inspiring: how its tendrils are ice white with a hint of red, and the powerful crimson clash of red lightning effect coming in over her L shoulder, running across and down her knife and onto her third arm. Reminds me of a wire snapping, the ends frayed beyond destructive tension, one end flowing down into a heart melting into puddles on her hand... her eyes are deeply, magnificently horrible. What movements you have caught in your vision <3
huxtiblejones Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2005
I can't believe the lack of commentary on this piece. This has to have the most piercing and creepy eyes I have ever seen in a painting. You really captured death well in its disgusting beauty.
schizoplankton Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2003
:heart: So cold and deep... But in the same time, the red made it so warm. I like it. The "fusion" of the colors is superb.
depressedclown Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2003   Writer
this is beautiful.
necrophorus Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2003
That face is breathtaking, and I love the curled heart.
obvious-calamity Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2003
Very interesting. This one caught my eye as I was browsing through deviations...and I like it. I think you did an especially good job on the limbs.
stellarshifting Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2003
i love the hair, her third arm and the difference of color it has from the other two, the multiple symbolisms you could derive, and the expression. the style of painting is nice as well.
vacuum Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2003
i like the face and colors
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